1000 DAYS: Tivon Rice

For the upcoming exhibition, 1000 DAYS, curated by DailyServing, Seattle-based artist, Tivon Rice will present three new media sculptures that are activated by the viewer’s response.


Rice is a new media artist that explores how traditional methods of learning are influenced by mass media and digital technology. His videos and sculptures create a dialogue between the distanced, purely optical domain of the tele-visual and a sensual awareness held in the body and mind. The artist embraces digital media as a vehicle for modern communication while experimenting with both video and sculptural objects that examine visual perception and temporal awareness. The artist typically calls for the viewer’s participation in order to activate the work, thus confronting the passive function of receiving information from digital media.

Tivon Rice.jpg

Rice is currently pursuing his PhD at the University of Washington, Center for Digital Arts and Experimental Media in Seattle. Recently, he had solo exhibitions at the 911 Media Center and Lawrimore Project in Seattle, as well as a solo show with the Portland Art Academy. In 2006, the artist received a Trust Fellowship from the Joan Mitchell Foundation for his sculpture The History of Television: 1974-2006.