1000 DAYS: Matt Phillips

Opening tomorrow evening in Culver City, CA is the DailyServing curated exhibition 1000 DAYS. Artist Matt Phillips will present 3 large scale paintings in the show, representing sound through the medium of painting. In the painting shown below, titled Guitar, the artist creates an oscillating mathematical rhythm, creating the illusion of movement as the patterns collide in the center of the work.


Phillips approaches painting and collage as both object and illusion, often creating images that explore the relationship between light and sound. The artist’s work synthesizes information into an entirely graphic language, starting with the formal concerns of surface, composition, color and tension, while introducing a range of subtle contemporary references and symbols. The resulting works unite a methodology, which folds the formal concerns of Modernist painting into the intimacy of folk art.

Since completing his MFA at Boston University in 2007, Phillips has exhibited works at Mehr gallery, Place Space Gallery and Jack the Pelican Presents, in New York City. He has also exhibited with Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, SC and SPACE Gallery in Portland, Maine. The artist currently teaches painting at Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts.