1000 DAYS: Christina Seely

San Francisco-based artist, Christina Seely will present new works from her ongoing series photographic series Lux at the 1000 DAYS exhibition opening in LA this week at the Scion Installation Space.


Seely’s interest in nature and the changing environment is reflected in her vivid photographs of night-lit cityscapes. For an artist with a strong mind and an innovative way of translating her message, her photographs are remarkably reserved and still. Seely’s scenes are familiar, yet evoke the sensation of jamais vu –where the commonplace becomes eerily unrecognizable — inviting the viewer into a place of investigation. Seely’s images illustrate the world’s reliance and connection to modern technology while creating a tension between the surface documentation of a photograph and the complex reality that lies beyond. Her works investigate how inherent beauty often has the power to both reflect and obscure a darker and more complicated truth.

This year, Seely will exhibit works from her ongoing landscape project, Lux, at Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle, The Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago, and the Country Club Gallery in Cincinnati. The artist is also a principal member of Civil Twilight, a design collective that is pioneering Lunar Resonant Streetlights, which dim and brighten in correlation with the brightness of the moon.