1000 DAYS: Caleb Weintraub

Opening tonight at the Scion Installation Space in Culver City, CA is the DailyServing exhibition 1000 DAYS. In the exhibition, painter Caleb Weintraub will present 3 large-scale paintings and two small sculptures, which feature his signature surreal narrative. This work along with the others are not to be missed. If you are in the Los Angeles area this evening, please join us for the opening!!

Caleb Weintraub-1.jpg

In the world of a Weintraub painting, it is clear that something has gone terribly wrong. Stern-faced, costume adorned children run rampant with no apparent boundaries, tracking down the last remaining adults and turning them into wall-mounted trophies of the hunt. Weintraub explores potentials for the future of humanity through large-scale hyper-colored narrative paintings, which are saturated with information and describe a world where morals have fallen and children act without consequence.

In Weintraub’s new body of work, the children are up against a new enemy, paint itself. The new piles of paint are presented as an amorphous blob, which act as proto-versions of the children as well as a metaphor for the state of painting itself, in its death or perhaps its afterlife.

Caleb Weintraub-2.jpg

The artist is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and is currently an assistant professor of painting and drawing at Indiana University. He has completed recent several solo exhibitions including, Whatever Shall We Do With These Piles and Piles of Paint at the Peter Miller Gallery, Chicago, All the Way Home at Projects Gallery in Philadelphia and Cloudy With a Chance of Apocalypse at Jack the Pelican Presents in Brooklyn, NY. Weintraub will participate in an upcoming group show titledSigns of the Apocalypse/Rapture this summer at Hyde Park Art Center in Chicago.