Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East


Saatchi Gallery in London is currently presenting the group show, Unveiled: New Art from the Middle East, which proudly showcases the recent work of 21 artists originally from the Middle East and currently living around the globe. Participating artists include Diana Al-Hadid (a Syrian-American artist also currently showing an outdoor sculpture at the Sharjah Biennial in the United Arab Emirates), Halim Al-Karim, Kader Attia, Nadia Ayari, Khaled Hafez, Jeffar Khaldi, and Tala Madani, among several others, all displayed among three spacious floors.

Kader Attia’s Ghost, 2007, a large installation of several aluminum foil casts of faceless Muslim women in kneeling prayer positions is powerful in its fragility and aesthetic brilliance. Arranged in multiple rows that occupy an entire gallery, these vacant silver shells have a magnitude and materiality that suggest some divinity and presence, demanding extended contemplation.


Previous DailyServing featured artist Diana Al-Hadid‘s massive architectural sculptures of towers, such as The Tower of Infinite Problems, 2008, are made with materials such as plaster, wax, Styrofoam, and cardboard, and draw attention to the frailty of humanity and civilizations. Their toppled presentation and rustic appearance evoke the feeling surrounding the emergence of an exciting excavation find. Towers have long been symbolic sites of cultural conflict, both in legends such as the Tower of Babel, and in actuality such as the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center and the horrific attacks of September 11th, 2001.

The show will remain at Saatchi Gallery until May 9th, 2009.