Sholem Krishtalka

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Currently on view at Jack the Pelican Presents in Brooklyn, NY are new paintings by Sholem Krishtalka in the exhibition titled, An Opera for Drella. The exhibition’s title is derivative of Lou Reed’s Songs for Drella, and refers to the fact that Andy Warhol adopted this name as a combination of Dracula and Cinderella. The resulting work is an investigation of possible scenarios that took place during Warhol’s lifetime, which resulted from his homosexuality. While no part of these stories were ever documented in pictures or on film, they do exist as prevalent gossip. The artist further blurs this narrative by substituting parts the historical fictional with personal experiences. The artist has stated, ” I am deeply interested in examining the intersection between personal and public histories. To put it another way, I wish to explode individual, personal narratives so that they achieve the scale and importance of grander social narratives.”

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Sholem Krishtalka is based in Toronto, and received his MFA from York University in 2006. The artist has completed several solo exhibitions in Canada, including Wish You Were Here at Paul Petro Multiples and Small Works and Idiot Sketches at Lennox Contemporary Art Gallery and Zsa Zsa Gallery in Toronto. The artist is also a frequent contributor to Xtra! Magazine.