April, 2009

Michelle Lopez

Currently on view at Simon Preston Gallery in New York is a solo show of three new works by Brooklyn based artist Michelle Lopez. The exhibition, entitled The Violent Bear It Away, directly references Flannery O’Connor’s eponymously titled 1960 novel, which deals achingly and complexly with theological themes. O’Connor’s title, in turn, references the Bible verse Matthew 11:12 (Douay-Rheims). The theme of baptism imbues Lopez’s[…..]

Daniel Gordon: Studio Visit

Artist, Daniel Gordon, creates amazingly innovative, albeit low-tech photographs. His photos begin as cheaply printed internet-based images constructed into temporary sculptures which are re-photographed for their final presentation. The process resembles something from Frankenstein’s studio, as the artist assembles body parts and objects to reconfigure them in an endless cycle of creation. During a much anticipated visit, DailyServing.com had the pleasure to meet the artist[…..]