April, 2009

Solution at Diverseworks

Currently on view at DiverseWorks in Houston, TX is a group show entitled Solution. Often, but not always, group exhibitions are classified within the hierarchy of the contemporary art world as, well, much less important/prestigious/notable– you pick the adjective– than solo shows, but sometimes a group show is actually an explosive culmination of nearly everything and everyone that keeps us interested in art. Such is[…..]

Nida Sinnokrot

Palestinian artist Nida Sinnokrot is currently exhibiting in this year’s Sharjah Biennial, which runs until May 16th throughout several venues in the Emirate. His powerful sculpture, Ka (JCB), seen above, is constructed of two symmetrical JCB backhoe arms. With this symbolic placement, the artist invokes the Egyptian concept of life force, or ka, signified in hieroglyphics by 2 raised arms with the palms stretched outward.[…..]

Kamrooz Aram

Of Flame and Splendour is the title of a new exhibition at Perry Rubenstein Gallery in New York City. The exhibition marks the debut solo exhibition for artist Kamrooz Aram at the gallery, featuring new paintings and drawings. The gallery states, “Aram explores such diverse themes as new age mysticism, the glorification of violence, and the idealization of revolutionary, religious and nationalist ideologies, most significantly[…..]

Greta Waller

Greta Waller, a current MFA graduate student at UCLA, is currently presenting her first Los Angeles-based solo exhibition with David Salow Gallery. Titled One Item Or Less, the exhibition features a large collection of modest still life paintings in oil on canvas. The artist’s reductive paintings are subtly steeped with art historical references, and willingly defiant of many current artistic trends. The artist’s seductively rendered[…..]

Sholem Krishtalka

Currently on view at Jack the Pelican Presents in Brooklyn, NY are new paintings by Sholem Krishtalka in the exhibition titled, An Opera for Drella. The exhibition’s title is derivative of Lou Reed’s Songs for Drella, and refers to the fact that Andy Warhol adopted this name as a combination of Dracula and Cinderella. The resulting work is an investigation of possible scenarios that took[…..]

Matt Greene

Opening tonight at Deitch Projects‘ 76 Grand Street, New York City space is Pictures of Women, new works by Matt Greene. In his second solo exhibition with the gallery, Greene will present, as the title suggests, representational images of women. The large scale works blend formal concerns such as surface, color and abstracted space, with what the press release states as, “…investigations into the connections[…..]

Huang Xu

The October Gallery in London is currently showing the work of Chinese artist Huang Xu. Huang Xu’s Fragment series features plastic shopping bags in a haunting, yet aesthetically pleasing way by pairing the bags against a contrasting black background. The aesthetic nature of the Fragment series is countered by the scientific precision of the image’s creation. The artist documents plastic bags with a 3-D scanner,[…..]