April, 2009

Christina Seely

Christina Seely‘s interest in nature and the changing environment is seen through her vivid photographs. For an artist with a strong mind and an innovative way of translating her message, her photographs are remarkably reserved and still. Seely’s nighttime cityscapes are familiar and at the same time, evoke the sensation of jamais vu–where the commonplace becomes eerily unrecognizable–inviting the viewer into place of investigation. This[…..]

Abbey Williams

Recently opening at BELLWETHER in New York is an exhibition by Abbey Williams titled (STILL). In this body of work, Williams creates video portraits where she superimposes herself over a still image. In addition to these videos, she presents several multiple channel videos which Williams uses her figure to try to match the figure in the image, dissolving herself into art historical and pop culture[…..]

Luc Tuymans

Opening this weekend in Brussles will be a new exhibition titled Against the Day by famed painter Luc Tuymans. WIELS will be presenting the first solo show in Brussels for the artist. The exhibition will feature twenty new paintings which were created specifically for the exhibition. The new paintings are a continuation of a previous series, which explores and manipulates television-based imagery through painting practices.[…..]

Aperture – A Photographic Opening

Currently on view at Dallas’ PanAmerican ArtProjects, with one week remaining, is Aperture – A Photographic Opening. This group exhibition samples the work of six photographers including Andrea Cote, Gory, Daniel Joglar, Jane Martin, Pablo Soria, and Laura Wilson. Each artist employs a different photographic technique, ranging from Wilson’s more traditional landscapes to Cotes’ unconventional self-portraits. Andrea Cote’s black and white digital self-portraits are indicative[…..]

Amelie Chabannes

The recent work of Amelie Chabannes is vivid, delicate, and contemplative, begging the question of identity. Her medium varies tremendously and includes sculpture, drawing, and painting. She attributes her technique to that of the automatic surrealists. Some of her drawings recall those of Andre Masson. This in mind, a thematic continuity emerges when looking at body of her work. Like those before her, Chabannes is[…..]

Spencer Finch

On view at Rhona Hoffman Gallery is Light, Time, Chemistry, an exhibition of work by Spencer Finch. In this exhibition, Finch references both phenomenology and the psychology of perception, capturing and re-contextualizing fleeting and ephemeral elements from our surroundings. Among the many works exhibited is Periscope, a photographic device composed of mirrors and ventilation ducts that extends from inside the gallery to the outside and[…..]

Yi Chen

Honor Fraser Gallery in Los Angeles is currently presenting Beaut-esque, an exhibition of new paintings by Queens-based artist Yi Chen. The artist’s process begins by culling images from popular advertisements and fashion magazines and selecting distinctive facial characteristics from both human and mammalian figures. He then rearranges these physical features to create a hybridized race, disregarding color, age, gender and even species. These composite figures[…..]