Matthew Stone


British artist Matthew Stone‘s current solo exhibition, Interconnected Echoes, is the inaugural show in Galerie Paul Freches‘ series on the British art scene. Stone, a graduate of Camberwell College of the Arts, has become known for his involvement in the !WOWOW! collective, a group of young British creatives who have been staging events and parties in unoccupied South London buildings.

Stone’s own work is perhaps simultaneously a re-phrasal of art historical tropes and an exploration of myspace-style youth cultural. He installs his photographs sculpturally, a move that echoes the interactive nature of his many of his projects, and he often uses friends as his models.

Stone regularly updates his blog, Optimism as Cultural Rebellion, and has recently been interviewed by a number of arts and culture publications, including Vice Magazine and Flasher. Interconnected Echoes will be on view at Galerie Paul Freches through May 30th.