Kamrooz Aram

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Of Flame and Splendour is the title of a new exhibition at Perry Rubenstein Gallery in New York City. The exhibition marks the debut solo exhibition for artist Kamrooz Aram at the gallery, featuring new paintings and drawings. The gallery states, “Aram explores such diverse themes as new age mysticism, the glorification of violence, and the idealization of revolutionary, religious and nationalist ideologies, most significantly through an investigation of contemporary Orientalism.” The artist’s work contains an iconography that is often centered on the concept of contemporary Orientalism, a term that refers to the generalization of the East as interpreted by the West, often resulting in a misunderstood cultural portrayal. The work, which somewhat abstracts any direct iconography associated with the East, features references to Persian miniatures and patterns, Christian and Islamic religious imagery, and includes elements from contemporary pop culture.

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Aram is an Iranian-born artist that currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. The artist has participated in several major group exhibitions, with works included in the Busan Biennale and at the Orlando Museum of Art. The artist has also completed several solo exhibitions with works on view at Wilkinson Gallery in London, and Oliver Kamm/5BE Gallery in NYC.