Greta Waller


Greta Waller, a current MFA graduate student at UCLA, is currently presenting her first Los Angeles-based solo exhibition with David Salow Gallery. Titled One Item Or Less, the exhibition features a large collection of modest still life paintings in oil on canvas. The artist’s reductive paintings are subtly steeped with art historical references, and willingly defiant of many current artistic trends. The artist’s seductively rendered paintings play up formal qualities of composition, texture, and color palette rather than placing an emphasis on content. The press release states, “Painting what is at hand, without too much deliberation or regard for subtext or grafted-on meaning, is a choice that intrinsically foregrounds technique, perhaps even at the expense of perceived prestige.” This statement indicates the artist’s willingness to move against current artistic trends, which can heavily focus on content and theory, in order to focus on the act of painting as a primary concern.


Greta Waller has completed one additional solo exhibition, Greta Waller: Contemporary Antiquarian at Umbrella Arts Gallery in New York. The artist has also participated in Water, Water, Everywhere at Washington Art Association in Washington, CT and ARTVIEW at The National City Museum of Washington D.C.