Edward Clive

Edward Clive.jpg

Continuing through the rest of the month at Holzmarktstrasse 3 in Berlin-Mitte is an installation of new works by Berlin artist Edward Clive entitled In The Future We Will Exercise For Fun. The ambitious suite of works contains several large sculptural display units; complete with shelfs, photographs, and small sculptures, they describe an uncanny, and occasionally monstrous relationship of the body to space.

What makes the works so at home in the the large unfinished office space is the base quality of their materials. The works’ plastic sheeting, unfinished drywall, and rudimentary armatures, are well-paired with the space’s unpainted walls, exposed ventilation system, and raw concrete floor. While the works employs such ubiquitous materials, each work rewards the curious viewer as photographs, notes, and easily overlooked, well-made formal nuances abound.

Found squatting behind walls or loitering in the far reaches of the space are a number of small sculptures. One entitled Lump Goddess (2008) is a squat and abstracted mutant figure composed of select found objects. Faceless, it sports four round cylinder legs and a single metallic claw, made from fake nails in their plastic case. Another similar work, Goth Or Hip-Hop (2009), conflates the aesthetics of science fiction with those of mid-century modernist sculpture. With fake nails, mustaches, teeth, and scars in a number of works, the aesthetic of costume cosmetics is central to the sculptures, making biological what would otherwise be inanimate. Along with a saran-wrap labyrinth containing a number of internet-found images relating to the body, Clive’s work is both detritus from a grade-school science fair sometime in the far future and an acute description of how form constructs the body and space.

Edward Clive (b. 1982) is an artist living and working in Berlin. He received his B.A. in Sculpture from the University of Brighton. His work has been previously exhibited at Keith Talent Gallery in London, BabelKunst in Trondheim, Norway, and ETC Gallery in Prague.