Amelie Chabannes

Amelie Chabannes.jpg

The recent work of Amelie Chabannes is vivid, delicate, and contemplative, begging the question of identity. Her medium varies tremendously and includes sculpture, drawing, and painting. She attributes her technique to that of the automatic surrealists. Some of her drawings recall those of Andre Masson. This in mind, a thematic continuity emerges when looking at body of her work. Like those before her, Chabannes is intrigued by the ever-changing unconscious. She explores this subject and subsequently proves its infinite nature.

Her compositions are unique. Often there is a focal point created by bold color and rich patterns. These forms anchor the composition. The color can be described as bright, fruity, and intense. Meandering lines reflect exploration of the subject of identity, engaging endless possibilities.

Amelie Chabannes was born Paris and graduated ENSAD in 2000. She now lives and works in Brooklyn. Her work has been exhibited around the world. She is represented by LUXE Gallery.