Torsten Ruehle

torsten ruehle_sweet dreams_2008.jpg

Currently on view at 2×2 Projects in Amsterdam is a solo show of work by Berlin based artist Torsten Ruehle, entitled FILTER. FILTER is Ruehle’s debut solo exhibition in Amsterdam, and features a variety of his recent works in conjunction with the early 2009 release of a published catalog of his work, also entitled FILTER. Ruehle’s astutely political and socially provocative paintings are at first imagined by the artist when he spots images in newspapers, movie stills and even other painters’ work. In a manner of creative interpretation that sometimes mingles with appropriation, and other times gets so worked over by the artist’s hand that any trace of the former image is lost for good, Ruehle’s paintings have a childlike accessibility to them, despite the often heavy subject matter. With thick black pigment pen outlines, citing his graffiti art background, he presents us with the essence of the scene without overindulging in visual minutiae. FILTER opened on March 21st and runs through April 25, 2009.

torsten ruehle_roulette_2008.jpg

Torsten Ruehle was born in Dresden, Germany and currently lives and works in Berlin. His work has been exhibited in solo shows internationally, including at Galerie Kai Hilgemann in Berlin and Galerie Hubert Schwarz in Greifswald.