Tofer Chin and David O'Brien

David O'Brien  'Polygon Mountain' Detail1.jpg

This weekend marks the relaunch of Cerasoli Gallery in Culver City, California. The gallery will simultaneously present two new solo exhibitions, featuring the work of artists David O’Brien and Tofer Chin. Both exhibitions utilize a graphically formal language of abstraction, featuring bold colors and hard-edge shapes. Explosions in a Mental Sky features the expansive paintings of Los Angeles based artist and architect David O’Brien. The artist, who is a member of Frank Gehry Architects, creates large-scale works which embody the stark mathematical rational often associated with architecture, alongside a free-flowing explosion of color and shape. The result is an impressive vibrating field that subtly shifts form, referring to multiple sources of origin.

TOFER CHIN 'No.2' & 'No. 3'.jpg

Tofer Chin’s exhibition Double Dip promises to take the viewer on a psychedelic Op art journey into “a world of electronic psycho sexual energy.” For this new body of work, the artist is exploring the psychological and spiritual implications of LSD. The result is three large-format paintings, which make use of a spectrum rainbow as well as a play on two and three dimensional pictorial illusion. In addition to the new paintings, Chin has also produced a limited edition print titled Cause and Effect, which is printed on perforated blotter paper.

The opening for both Explosions in a Mental Sky and Double Dip will take place this Saturday, March 14th from 6-9pm. These two shows will be on view through April 15th.