Suzanne Lacy and Andrea Bowers

Photo Credit: Nick DiFilippo

Your Donations Do Your Work is a collaborative installation by Los Angeles artists Suzanne Lacy and Andrea Bowers. On view at UCR Sweeny Art Gallery, the installation centers around its “Collection Point,” where visitors can discard clothing and small appliances. These discarded or donated items will then be rehabilitated, becoming part of a barter economy established by Lacy, Bowers and art students in the farm community of Laton, California. At the exhibition’s opening on Janurary 31st, the price of admission was one full bag of “stuff.”

Your Donations Do Your Work was organized by Tyler Stallings, Shane Shukis, Jennifer Frias, and Georg Burwick. It includes earlier work done by Lacy and Bowers, both of whom have explored social activism and community engagement throughout their careers. The earlier work–including handmade quilts and large format photographs by Lacy and banners and videos by Bowers–sets the productive, operational tone for the collaboration.

Lacy currently chairs the fine art department at Otis College of Art and Design. Bowers teaches at UCLA and was included in this year’s California Biennial.