March, 2009

An Expanded Field of Possibilities

The art world is guilty of hierarchical thinking and elitism, and probably always will be. This, I think most of us would agree, is a shame. So it becomes that much sweeter when an institution renown in the contemporary art world unapologetically presents an exhibition of contemporary ceramicists–artists whose medium has historically lived in the gray area between “fine art” and “craft”, despite its having[…..]

Bas Louter

Bas Louter recently concluded the exhibition, Dust at Kopeikin gallery in Los Angeles and is currently exhibiting Dust/Asphalt at Ambace and Rice in Seattle. A fitting title for Louter’s ethereally haunting visages–referencing perhaps the black soot of charcoal used to create his works, or the ashes and dust of human remains. Louters works uncannily examines the fleeting and transitory nature of existence, and humankind’s attempts[…..]

Suzanne Lacy and Andrea Bowers

Photo Credit: Nick DiFilippo Your Donations Do Your Work is a collaborative installation by Los Angeles artists Suzanne Lacy and Andrea Bowers. On view at UCR Sweeny Art Gallery, the installation centers around its “Collection Point,” where visitors can discard clothing and small appliances. These discarded or donated items will then be rehabilitated, becoming part of a barter economy established by Lacy, Bowers and art[…..]

Alexandra Grant

This year, Honor Fraser Gallery from Los Angeles presented the work of Alexandra Grant in their booth at The Armory Show in New York. Grant has contributed to the Watts House Project, an artist run neighborhood revitalization program determined to ameliorate the lives of residents around the historic watts towers in South Central Los Angeles. The project, an effort to regenerate the cultural activity and[…..]

The Armory Show

The Armory Show-The International Fair of New Art officially closes later today in New York City, with hundreds of galleries exhibiting thousands of artists in the West Side’s Pier 94. The Armory Show was introduced in 1999 and took place at the 69th Regiment Armory, the site of the famed Armory Show of 1913 that introduced modern art to America. This year’s show introduced The[…..]

Galeria OMR

Galeria OMR, a Mexico City gallery representing several prominent and emerging Mexican and international contemporary artists, is a participating exhibitor in this years Armory Show at Pier 94. The gallery, which represents Mexican and Canadian electronic artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, whose work is represented above, is showing several interactive works including a piece by the artist composed of a video sensor and LED screen, similar to[…..]

Candice Breitz

Candice Breitz‘s cinematic new work, Him+Her, is currently showing at Yvon Lambert in New York. The exhibition includes two seven channel installations, Him (1968-2008) and Her (1978-2008). Breitz gleaned footage from the distinguished film careers of Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep, uniting 23 Jacks from forty years of acting into conversation with one another in one room of the gallery, and 28 Meryl Streeps from[…..]