Jonathan Owen


Jonathan Owen’s current solo exhibition at the Doggerfisher Gallery features new works by the artist. Throughout the show, Owen alters everyday images through acute attention to detail. Owen’s largest piece, Untitled, was painstakingly constructed by Owen of foam board, wood, and paint. Its pattern, inspired by the chip found on European credit cards, epitomizes the artist’s preoccupation with motif pulled from everyday existence. This work as well as the Untitiled lamp reference the mass-production of image and the theme of money defines their appearance.

Owen alters the ubiquitous, utilitarian wine rack and coat stand through meticulous addition and deconstruction. He has placed hand-carved wooden chain links within the wine rack to render it useless. The carefully overturned coat stand hooks are completely removed from their suppor–connected only through a wooden chain.

The exhibition also includes removed book pages that are partially erased by Owen using a blade and a piece of rubber. All of these pages once held an image of a civic monument. Some monuments are erased completely, while a ghost-like outline remains upon other pages. Through the deductive act of erasure Owen forces the viewer to question collective memory.

In 2000, Jonathan Owen graduated from the Edinburgh College of Art with an MFA and received the John Watson Prize from the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art. The artist currently lives and works in Edinburgh. Look for Owen’s work at the Talbot Rice Gallery‘s Round Room in 2010.