Jarod Charzewski


Regeneration Gap is the title of a new installation by Canadian-born artist Jarod Charzewski on view at the Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto. The exhibition features three major works, each representing a cross section of a hypothetical landscape, complete with revealed geological layers, created entirely out of used clothes. The artist obtains the used clothes from local Goodwill stores, which are given on loan from the store and returned at the closing of the exhibition. Also on view are several large-format photographs from a previous installation titled Scarp, which was presented this fall at the Halsey Institute of Contemporary Art in Charleston, South Carolina.


The artist’s work illustrates the reality of consumer culture’s effect on the landscape by actually reconstructing a cross section of the landscape made entirely of used clothes. Perhaps the most interesting component of this process is that the work is created using recycled materials which are taken from and reintroduce into the market place, without actually creating any new consumption.

Charzewski is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and has completed recently solo exhibitions Vortices at Trinity Square Video in Toronto and Vanishing Point at Ace Art in Winnipeg, Canada. The artist currently teaches sculpture at the College of Charleston, School of the Arts.