Candice Breitz

candice breitz.jpg

Candice Breitz‘s cinematic new work, Him+Her, is currently showing at Yvon Lambert in New York. The exhibition includes two seven channel installations, Him (1968-2008) and Her (1978-2008). Breitz gleaned footage from the distinguished film careers of Jack Nicholson and Meryl Streep, uniting 23 Jacks from forty years of acting into conversation with one another in one room of the gallery, and 28 Meryl Streeps from thirty years of films in another room. Each installation includes seven large plasma screens, each playing assorted film clips of multiple Meryls and Jacks as they seamlessly interact in a compelling and psychologically probing piece.

The loose conversations taking place between the myriad of characters engage ideas of gender and self-definition. Nicholson’s mulitiple manifestations, naturally, highlight themes of male sexuality and dominance, while various women from Streep’s illustrious career interact with one another exchanging quips on relationships and men. The artist’s ability to cleverly manipulate these performances into one incredible installation mirrors the captivating beauty and talent of the actors themselves. Him+Her will remain at Yvon Lambert until March 21st.