Alexandra Grant

honor fraser.jpg

This year, Honor Fraser Gallery from Los Angeles presented the work of Alexandra Grant in their booth at The Armory Show in New York. Grant has contributed to the Watts House Project, an artist run neighborhood revitalization program determined to ameliorate the lives of residents around the historic watts towers in South Central Los Angeles. The project, an effort to regenerate the cultural activity and status of the area, is directed by artist Edgar Arceneaux.

Grant’s participation involved the placement of a large outdoor text based sculpture atop the roof of a home in this somewhat troubled area. The scripted text reads ‘love’, and connotes feelings of permanence and domesticity. In an incredible expression of both personal investment and artistic devotion, Grant (never tattooed before), had the same script permanently inked on her arm.

The exhibition at The Armory Show includes a video of stills from the tattooing of the artist next to a cast of her arm. A photograph of the rooftop sculpture and a large scale drawing, the artist’s preferred medium, are also displayed. In an effort to raise money for the artist driven project, the ‘love’ sculpture has been made into a necklace and available through Honor Fraser’s website.