Alex Lukas

Alex Lukas.jpg

Currently on view at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco is new work on paper by artist Alex Lukas in the exhibition titled and another shall rise to take her place. The artist creates mixed media works, produced with ink, acrylic, gouache and silkscreen, often on book pages, which depict city-scapes submerged in rising water and desolate lands that are void of human presence. The works, which have a tranquil yet ominous tenor, explore a new placement in the history of landscape painting. Though never experienced first hand by the artist, the works seem to resonate with contemporary disaster imagery, often seen on television and through news sources. The new works evoke a very plausible scenario, which depicts the potential future for a new American landscape.

Lukas is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design and founded Cantab Publishing in January 2001. The artist has completed the recent exhibitions In Defense of Home, In Defense of Industry at Iceberger in San Francisco and Wreck at Installations at EMF in Cambridge.