March, 2009

Kutlug Ataman

Kutlug Ataman, a winner of this year’s Abraaj Capital Art Prize, recently awarded at Art Dubai, recorded a performance entitled Strange Space using himself as subject wandering through the desert blindfolded and barefoot. The performance, part of his most recent project Mesopotamian Dramaturgies, was inspired by a classical Mesopotamian folk tale, in which the hero is blinded by the love of the female character and[…..]

Stella Lai

Stella Lai‘s paintings are so bright and lush that it’s easy to get lost in their beauty, and not notice the macabre cast of characters lurking in the background, until it’s too late. Each piece is delivered to the viewer with a smile and a wink–inviting us in to play, but not telling us what game. In classical poses, women sit atop Lilly pads or[…..]

Alex Lukas

Currently on view at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco is new work on paper by artist Alex Lukas in the exhibition titled and another shall rise to take her place. The artist creates mixed media works, produced with ink, acrylic, gouache and silkscreen, often on book pages, which depict city-scapes submerged in rising water and desolate lands that are void of human presence. The[…..]

Sao Paulo & PaperShapers

Closing today at the Scion Installation Space in Culver City is Sao Paulo a group exhibition curated by Choque Cultural Gallery featuring the work of nine artists from Sao Paulo. The exhibition, which mixed on-site creations with work that was shipped in, offered wide artistic diversity and provided some insight into the artistic activity that is currently present in that city. Scion’s following exhibition PaperShapers,[…..]

Jarod Charzewski

Regeneration Gap is the title of a new installation by Canadian-born artist Jarod Charzewski on view at the Pari Nadimi Gallery in Toronto. The exhibition features three major works, each representing a cross section of a hypothetical landscape, complete with revealed geological layers, created entirely out of used clothes. The artist obtains the used clothes from local Goodwill stores, which are given on loan from[…..]

Dana Schutz

Currently on view at Zach Feuer Gallery (LFL) in Chelsea is new work by artist Dana Schutz, in the exhibition Missing Pictures. This marks the fourth solo exhibition for the artist at Zach Feuer Gallery. The show mostly contains large-scale paintings supplemented with a few smaller works. The paintings in Missing Pictures depict a variety of social situations contained within both interior and landscape scenes.[…..]

Torsten Ruehle

Currently on view at 2×2 Projects in Amsterdam is a solo show of work by Berlin based artist Torsten Ruehle, entitled FILTER. FILTER is Ruehle’s debut solo exhibition in Amsterdam, and features a variety of his recent works in conjunction with the early 2009 release of a published catalog of his work, also entitled FILTER. Ruehle’s astutely political and socially provocative paintings are at first[…..]