Wang Guangyi

wang guangyi.jpg

Currently on view in its last week at the Louise Blouin Institute in London is a solo exhibition of work by internationally acclaimed contemporary Chinese artist Wang Guangyi. Guangyi is generally considered to have been the leader of the New Art Movement generation following the Cultural Revolution. The exhibition, entitled Cold War Aesthetics, marks the first solo show of Guangyi’s work in the UK, and is part of the Institute’s ongoing “Culture Beyond Borders” series.

As Guangyi departs from the historically kitschy and pop imagery of his celebrated Great Criticism series, he now confront the issues of the time more boldly. The ambitious installation in Cold War Aesthetics, which includes around 50 life-size sculptures depicting “Cold War preparedness”, accompanied by watercolor sketches of the sculptures and a large twelve-panel mural, visually revisits the haunting imagery of China’s Cold War past while telling a cautionary tale to present-day audiences of the horrors of war, and confronting the contemporary global position of treading in this familiarly dangerous territory once again.

Wang Guangyi, born in 1956/7, currently lives and works in Beijing. He studied oil painting at the prestigious Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts in Hangzhou. His work has been exhibited at important institutions around the world.