February, 2009

Fairytale of Berlin: Curator Interview

Despite its whimsical connotations, “fairytale” is a tricky word. It may suggest folklore and fantasy, but it also has everything to do with unattainable ideals. Often, fairytales are variations on the age-old Adam and Eve theme, stories about desire and its sinister consequences. Fairytale of Berlin, the current exhibition at Scion Space in Los Angeles, turns the complexity of modern day fairytales into a visceral,[…..]

Wallace Berman & Richard Prince

Michael Kohn Gallery recently opened a duo-artist exhibition SHE: Images of Women by Wallace Berman & Richard Prince on January 15th. The exhibition is situated within a loose conceptual framework that foregrounds both Wallace Berman and Richard Prince‘s representations of women within their oeuvre. The exhibit was curated by critic and journalist, Kristine McKenna. McKenna seemed particularly apt to curate the show, as in 2007[…..]

Tim Rollins and K.O.S.

Tim Rollins and K.O.S. (Kids of Survival) have been collaborating for over two decades since the 1984 launch of Rollins’ “Art and Knowledge Workshop” in the Bronx. The workshop included at risk students who began calling themselves Kids of Survival. They have since exhibited worldwide and their work is represented in the Museum of Modern Art, the Hirshhorn Museum of Art, and the Tate Gallery[…..]

Matt Nichols

Opening this week at the relatively new Chicago space Thrones Gallery is a solo exhibition entitled Brink: The Intersection of Play and Intention, with new work by Southern California native and Chicago-based artist Matt Nichols. For Nichols’ first solo show at the gallery, he has created an ambitious installation of highly conceptual and playful nature. Dealing with the idea of “play”, Nichols’ work explores “the[…..]

Allora & Calzadilla

Gladstone Gallery is presenting the work of Puerto Rico-based artists Jennifer Allora and Guillermo Calzadilla. The artists have been working together sine 1995 producing films, installations, performances, and sculpture. They expose the complicated dynamics of contemporary geo-political realities while engaging with history. The exhibition, Stop, Repair, Prepare: Variations on Ode to Joy for a Prepared Piano, features an early 20th century Bechstein piano that Allora[…..]

Mika Rottenberg

Nicole Klagsbrun is currently presenting a series of performance stills from Mika Rottenberg’s recent project for W Magazine. For this project, Rottenberg built a set in her Harlem studio which contained several rooms devoted to different characters with corporeal curiosities, primarily female. These actors perform tasks with substances, such as dough and cheese, that often mimic their own anatomical characteristics. Rottenberg’s video installations explore the[…..]

Scott Fife

Chicago’s Tony Wight Gallery is currently presenting an exhibition of new sculptural works by Scott Fife. For the exhibition Fife presents four new additions to his ongoing series of larger-than-life cardboard heads. Rather than molding polished marble forms–like the classical busts of the Roman Republic that his works reference–Fife’s constructions are roughly hewn from raw, gray, archival cardboard with screws, glue, and pencil markings all[…..]