February, 2009

James Buckhouse

Recently on view at Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles was a solo exhibition of new work by San Francisco based artist James Buckhouse. Projected onto the large, white gallery wall, Buckhouse presented a computer controlled animated video entitled DAY FOR NIGHT, along with selected still images from the video on display, presented as C-prints. Recalling the imagery of Cindy Sherman’s Untitled Film Stills, DAY[…..]

Gedi Sibony

Gedi Sibony‘s current exhibition at the Contemporary Art Museum in St. Louis features frugally elegant sculptures made from a span of mundane materials. Wittily titled My Arms Are Tied Behind My Other Arms, this is Sibony’s first solo show in a museum. His tender brand of minimalism seems especially appropriate during an economic downturn; his work acknowledges the lyrical potential of things that are fairly[…..]

Jim Gaylord

What would it look like if you compiled fleeting images from some of the most popular film moments onto a painted canvas? Artist Jim Gaylord shows the viewer this point of view in his solo exhibition Cliffhanger at the Gregory Lind Gallery in San Francisco. Moving away from the more collage-like paintings of his past, Gaylord’s latest work carefully marries his interest in film and[…..]

Michael Swaney

Currently on view at Locust Projects in Miami, FL are new sculptural collages by Canadian-born, Barcelona-based artist Michael Swaney. The exhibition, Safari Arc Performance, features artwork created during the Fountainhead Residency, in which the artist focused his material selection on found and recycled objects from Biscayne Bay. While Swaney is no stranger to creating work with recycled materials–often large collages–he did state, “I was quite[…..]

Joseph Rodriguez

Currently on view at DRKRM Gallery in Los Angeles is a solo show of work by prolific New York documentary photographer Joseph Rodriguez. The exhibition, entitled Flesh Life: Sex in Mexico City, features photos from Rodriguez’s eponymous book, marking first time the photographs have been exhibited in Los Angeles. Flesh Life: Sex in Mexico City chronicles the lives of sex workers of every gender and[…..]

Justin Cooper

Justin Cooper is predominantly known for his off-the-wall performances that psychologically challenge both the players’ and viewers’ endurance, as in his first solo show at Monique Meloche gallery in 2006 or more recently during Art Basel Miami in-and-around the pool at the National Hotel in South Beach. However, a long-standing interest in sculpture and drawing has pervaded Cooper’s performances often resulting in dimensional objects that[…..]

Lines of Control

Green Cardamom in London and The Third Line, a contemporary Middle Eastern art gallery in Dubai, are presenting Lines of Control, a series of exhibitions taking place in Dubai, Karachi, and London. The series is part of a project begun in 2007 by Green Cardamom which investigates the chaos and creativity present at certain national boundaries. This year, 2007, marked the 60th anniversary of the[…..]