Michael Light and Christian Houge

M. Light.jpg

The landscape photographs of Michael Light and Christian Houge are simultaneously austere, reflective, and, as described by the Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco where they are currently exhibiting, bleak. The interesting combination of two distinct photographers creates a specialized viewing experience within the large warehouse-like galleries at Hosfelt. Michael Light lives and works in San Francisco and focuses his practice primarily on the American West. Christian Houge is a Norwegian artist grounded in the documentation of his Arctic homeland. Carefully shot from a self-piloted airplane or hired helicopter, Light’s images of the Sierra Nevada region, Southeast California and Phoenix, Arizona present a still life of manufactured landscapes set in the sage-brush fields of the American West. At the opposite side of the gallery, Houge’s work displays slow exposed panoramas of snowy white fields lightly dotted with man-made scientific instruments. Together, their work engages the viewer in a conversation that speaks to the vastness of the earth’s surface, humanity’s deep impact on it, and the overall balance of the natural world with that of the constructed.

Christian Houge.jpg

Michael Light and Christian Houge will be in view until March 21, 2009.