Matt Nichols

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Opening this week at the relatively new Chicago space Thrones Gallery is a solo exhibition entitled Brink: The Intersection of Play and Intention, with new work by Southern California native and Chicago-based artist Matt Nichols. For Nichols’ first solo show at the gallery, he has created an ambitious installation of highly conceptual and playful nature. Dealing with the idea of “play”, Nichols’ work explores “the relevance of assigned value within daily experience”. His investigation into this theme is made manifest in the form of mostly abstract objects, often employing repetitive imagery, that visually allude to childhood memories– but which are created, obviously, by the experienced hands of a person matured beyond those formative years, someone with the advantage of adult perception. These objects are found in many forms, including a set of large scale drawings of the word “siberia” repeated over 1000 times and in a hanging chocolate covered bug zapper, among various other drawings and mixed media installations.

matt nichols.jpg

The opening reception for Brink will be Friday, February 6th, 6-9PM at the gallery’s third floor space at 123 N. Jefferson Street in Chicago’s West Loop gallery district. The exhibition runs through February 22, 2009.

Matt Nichols is an MFA candidate at the School of the Art Institute Chicago. He received his BA from University of California, Berkeley. His work has been exhibited recently at Thrones Gallery and the Los Angeles Municipal Gallery, Los Angeles, CA, among others. He was a 2009 nominee for the New Insight Project at Art Chicago.