Lines of Control

lines of control.jpg

Green Cardamom in London and The Third Line, a contemporary Middle Eastern art gallery in Dubai, are presenting Lines of Control, a series of exhibitions taking place in Dubai, Karachi, and London. The series is part of a project begun in 2007 by Green Cardamom which investigates the chaos and creativity present at certain national boundaries. This year, 2007, marked the 60th anniversary of the independence of India and the creation of Pakistan as well as the establishment of Israel from British controlled Palestine. These areas of partitioning expose the human impulse to define borders and set up alterities, but also provide fertile territories for the development of new cultural and intellectual projects. Lines of Control is about commemorating the past as well as recognizing the current hybridized life in partitioned times.

Artists from the Middle East and Asia are participating in the exhibitions, including Muhammad Zeeshan, Bani Abidi, and Sophie Ernst (an artist working in Pakistan whose Dying Gauls, a projection on a plaster cast from 2006 is seen above). The program includes exhibitions, discussions, films, and a publication. Lines of Control has traveled from Dubai to Karachi and will be opening at Green Cardamom in London on February 18th. The exhibition closes on March 29th.