Erin Cosgrove


Smart and acerbically funny, Erin Cosgrove‘s What Manner of Person Art Thou? brings puritanical righteousness into the sphere of moral relativity. The animated feature–it runs for approximately an hour–is currently showing in the Hammer Museum‘s upstairs project space and, while it’s a time commitment, Cosgrove’s film is certainly worth the investment. What Manner of Person Art Thou? chronicles the fictional characters Yoder and Troyer as they journey through North America in search of the kin. Struck by the world’s moral depravity, and fueled by visions from God, Yoder and Troyer leave a blood trail behind them, executing those they find corrupt and offensive. The film’s visuals were inspired by Britain’s Bayeux Tapestry and its dark plot is lightened by timely jabs at U.S. pop-culture.

Based in Los Angeles, Cosgrove received an MFA from UCLA in 2001. She has exhibited at Angstrom Gallery, Carl Berg Gallery, and the LA Municipal Gallery, among other venues. She was a recipient of a 2007 City of Los Angeles (COLA) Fellowship and also received a Center for Cultural Innovation Investing in Artists Grant. What Manner of Person Art Thou? will be screening at the Hammer through March 15, 2009.