February, 2009


Now on view at the Museum of Contemporary Photography in Chicago is PhotoDimensional. The Exhibition features Works by John Coplans, Katalin Deer, Leslie Hewitt, Bettina Hoffmann, Pello Irazu, David Ireland, Melinda McDaniel, Heather Mekkelson, Laurent Millet, Vik Muniz, Susana Reisman, Lorna Simpson, and Florian Slotowa. The exhibition features works by contemporary artists who investigate the relationship between sculpture and photography, between two and three dimensions,[…..]

Robbie Conal

Los Angeles-based artist Robbie Conal has made a name for himself over the past several decades for his poignantly irreverent and ultra-humorous political posters featuring unforgettable one-liner jokes. The artist wittingly simplifies issues that surround political figures and delivers the work to a mass audience by creating reproductions of his painting, pasting the posters in cities throughout the country. His clever insight can be seen[…..]

Elias Sime

Eye of the Needle, Eye of the Heart is a celebratory exhibition honoring the creative accomplishment of Ethiopia’s most prolific contemporary artist , Elias Sime. The scope of the work is staggering– the Santa Monica Museum‘s main gallery is completely filled with a selection of more than 100 of his mixed media pieces, all done within the last 20 years. Sime fabricates sculptures, stuffs goat[…..]

Wang Guangyi

Currently on view in its last week at the Louise Blouin Institute in London is a solo exhibition of work by internationally acclaimed contemporary Chinese artist Wang Guangyi. Guangyi is generally considered to have been the leader of the New Art Movement generation following the Cultural Revolution. The exhibition, entitled Cold War Aesthetics, marks the first solo show of Guangyi’s work in the UK, and[…..]

John Gerrard

Simon Preston Gallery in the Lower East is currently presenting two impressive new media works by John Gerrard in his first New York solo exhibition. Oil Stick Work is a virtual sculpture that manifests itself as a projection on the main wall of the gallery. This projection depicts an aluminum corn silo which was digitized based on several photographs taken at the building’s physical site[…..]

Hank Willis Thomas

Christopher Sims: Absolute No Return, 2008, Light-jet prink Hank Willis Thomas is selling something. This is clearly evidenced in the works included in Pitch Blackness, his second solo exhibition currently on view at Jack Shainman Gallery in Chelsea. Thomas, who is well versed in undermining the loaded visual language of the advertising media–think Air Jordan meets the Hottentot Venus–relies here once again on visual trickery[…..]

Michael Light and Christian Houge

The landscape photographs of Michael Light and Christian Houge are simultaneously austere, reflective, and, as described by the Hosfelt Gallery in San Francisco where they are currently exhibiting, bleak. The interesting combination of two distinct photographers creates a specialized viewing experience within the large warehouse-like galleries at Hosfelt. Michael Light lives and works in San Francisco and focuses his practice primarily on the American West.[…..]