Yue Minjun


Bejing-based Yue Minjun is one of the most important artists of the Chinese avant garde. Part of the Chinese avant garde movement, Cynical Realism, Yue Minjun’s work is characterized by a signature laughing figure which serves as a portrait of the artist. Upon greater inspection the smiling faces contain fear, animosity, and a sense of discomfort that is a product of facing reality in contemporary times. After working as an electrician, Yue Minjun studied painting from Hebei Normal University. In 1999 he was included in the Venice Biennale and in 2000 exhibited with Chinese Contemporary, London. In 2004 the artist was included in both the Gwangju Biennale, Korea, and Shanghai Biennale in China. Yue Minjun currently lives and works in Beijing, China.