Sound and Vision: Circuit, Tube, and Prism

Sound and Vision.jpg

SPACE Gallery in Portland, Maine is currently presenting a group show curated by Gideon Bok, Sound and Vision: Circuit, Tube, and Prism. The exhibition includes two sounds artists, Galen Richmond and Kevin McMahon, and three painters, Bryson Brodie, Matt Phillips, and Stephanie Pierce. These artists explore and manipulate the effects of refraction in the media of sound, electricity, and light.

Sound artist Galen Richmond combines music, art, and performance by altering the circuitry of found vintage keyboards in a practice known as ‘circuit bending.’ He recently performed at New York City’s The Bent Music Festival, winning critical acclaim from the Village Voice. Kevin McMahon is a recording engineer and musician who repairs and manipulates sound equipment while searching for and developing new talent. He has been involved in the engineering and production of several records and has worked with The Secret Machines, Ray Davies, Blonde Redhead, Sonic Youth, and The Flaming Lips, among several others.

Painter and previous DailyServing interviewee Matt Phillips references op-art, textiles, mosaics, and pattern painting, treating his work as both object and illusion. His paintings maintain delicacy and rhythm in their abstraction while drawing from several visual sources. Stephanie Pierce’s paintings recall the atmosphere of Philip Guston’s work from the 1950s. She often uses her bed as subject matter, taking the phenomenon of light, space, and form as personal metaphors. Bryson Brodie is a New York-based abstract painter whose work often has a surprising narrative concealed within.

Painter, farmer, and curator Gideon Bok received his B.A. from Hampshire College and his M.F.A. from Yale University and is now represented by Plane Space in New York and Alpha Gallery in Boston.

Sound and Vision: Circuit, Tube, and Prism will remain at SPACE Gallery until February 21, 2009.