January, 2009

Marianne Mueller

Marianne Mueller‘s first US solo exhibition opens on January 24th at Kim Light Gallery. The London-based Swiss artist works primarily in photography and her show at Kim Light will consist of intentional clusters of images. These images–of bodies, objects, or structure–interact with each other in a multitude of ways, nomadically equalizing a diverse array of suggested places and experiences. Called Dream-US-09, this exhibition overlaps with[…..]

Paul Mpagi Sepuya

“…Personality as something with fixed attributes is an illusion – but a necessary illusion if we are to love!” -from Balthazar, by Lawrence Durrell. Paul Mpagi Sepuya‘s ALEXANDRIA, a photographic installation currently on view at The Envoy Gallery on the Lower East Side, references the literature of expatriate British novelist, poet and dramatist Lawrence Durrell (1912-1990). Specifically, the installation is titled after the Alexandria Quartet[…..]

Sound and Vision: Circuit, Tube, and Prism

SPACE Gallery in Portland, Maine is currently presenting a group show curated by Gideon Bok, Sound and Vision: Circuit, Tube, and Prism. The exhibition includes two sounds artists, Galen Richmond and Kevin McMahon, and three painters, Bryson Brodie, Matt Phillips, and Stephanie Pierce. These artists explore and manipulate the effects of refraction in the media of sound, electricity, and light. Sound artist Galen Richmond combines[…..]

Jake Longstreth

The ethos of the American landscape has been and continues to be a subject of great fascination among thinkers in any field or interest. The country’s flora and fauna intrigue even the most oblivious due to their extreme diversity and limitlessness. It is of little surprise then that an artist, in this case, painter Jake Longstreth, has chosen the American landscape as the launching-off point[…..]

Stephanie Brooks

Stephanie Brooks‘ new solo exhibition Tough and Sweet, is now on view at Rhona Hoffman Gallery in Chicago. With this work, Brooks examines mythologies of love, loss, and mental illness; signs of affection; and the poetics of sentimentality and materiality. The formal aesthetics of poetry and how figurative language describes affection and emotion is an ongoing investigation for Brooks, whose practice includes an archive and[…..]

AJ Fosik and Andrew Schoultz

Space 1026 Gallery in Philadelphia is currently showing the work of AJ Fosik and Andrew Schoultz in New Ancient Structures. Both artists use intriguing imagery and explosive color in this collaborative multimedia installation. Fosik is a Philadelphia-based sculptor who began with street art and signage and now creates animal abstractions, or what he calls “existential fetishes.” In his sculptures, Fosik incorporates symbols from varied sources,[…..]

Lucid Dreaming: Simon Gouverneur, Jason Hughes, Paul Laffoley

A group exhibition entitled Lucid Dreaming opened Saturday, January 17th at Curator’s Office. The exhibition includes works from the Estate of critically acclaimed abstract symbolist painter Simon Gouverneur, who pursued a lifelong investigation into the structures of language and meaning. His work invokes a wide range of ideas–from the principles of structural anthropology espoused by Claude Levi-Strauss to the teachings of Jewish mysticism, Buddhist texts[…..]