Christopher Russell


The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles is currently presenting an installation by artist Christopher Russell. The exhibition utilizes Budget Decadence, a recent novella produced by the artist. His encompassing environment is composed of photography, bookmaking, writing, drawing and digital-media printmaking. The work investigates the human psyche, inviting viewers into a world that has taken a somewhat apocalyptic down turn. Most of the work has a direct conceptual link to the artist’s novella, making use of historical references and exploring implications of home, family and catastrophe. While the exhibition may appear to be disjointed and seeming unrelated, the artist has specifically chosen each manifestation of his work to reiterate the concepts inherent in the book.

Recent solo exhibitions by Russell include Together and The Veil Trembles and is Very Thin, both held at Acuna Hansen Gallery in L.A. The artist is also represented by Circus Gallery in L.A.

Christopher Russell’s exhibition at the Hammer Museum will be on view until April 12, 2009.