AJ Fosik and Andrew Schoultz

fosik and schoultz.jpg

Space 1026 Gallery in Philadelphia is currently showing the work of AJ Fosik and Andrew Schoultz in New Ancient Structures. Both artists use intriguing imagery and explosive color in this collaborative multimedia installation.

Fosik is a Philadelphia-based sculptor who began with street art and signage and now creates animal abstractions, or what he calls “existential fetishes.” In his sculptures, Fosik incorporates symbols from varied sources, both past and present, often including tigers and bears. He has recently exhibited at the L.J. Beaubourg in Paris and White Walls in San Francisco.

Schoultz creates murals, paintings, installations, and drawings in his artistic exploration of current political and social conditions, in particular the effects of globalism and capitalism. Schoultz also paints large-scale murals in public places and has upcoming gallery shows at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen and Roberts and Tilton in Los Angeles.