January, 2009

Christopher Russell

The Hammer Museum in Los Angeles is currently presenting an installation by artist Christopher Russell. The exhibition utilizes Budget Decadence, a recent novella produced by the artist. His encompassing environment is composed of photography, bookmaking, writing, drawing and digital-media printmaking. The work investigates the human psyche, inviting viewers into a world that has taken a somewhat apocalyptic down turn. Most of the work has a[…..]

Some Word Pictures

Currently on view at Needles and Pens Gallery in San Francisco is the exhibition Some Word Pictures, featuring documentation of the river, road and freight train travels of artists Bill Daniel and Santiago Mostyn. The exhibition uses photographic and written documentation to capture the spirt of the journey, focusing on the act of story-telling as it relates to traditions and folklore. The exhibition manifests into[…..]

Bringing the Monument Back to Life

Thomas Houseago’s towering figures are monuments that tackle monumentality. The gargantuan Red Man that greets me when I walk into David Kordansky Gallery seems at first threatening; it is bigger than I am, more creature than human, and monstrous in many senses of the word. It reminds me, at first glance, of a crudely crafted god, a fetishistic relic passed down from an ancient civilization,[…..]

The Punishment of Lust and Luxury

The current exhibition at Chinatown’s Mihai Nicodim Gallery, previously Kontainer Gallery, explores the precarious political consequences of human desires. Curated by Jane Neal, The Punishment of Lust and Luxury’s featured artists include Cyprien Gaillard, Adrian Ghenie, Ciprian Muresan and Martin Skauen, all of whom respond, whether directly or indirectly, to the socially conscious paintings of 19th Century Italian artist Giovanni Segantini. Segantini, who depicted bad[…..]

Sush Machida Gaikotsu

Western Project‘s current exhibit, Sush Machida Gaikotsu: New Wave of Turner, New School Pollock is as rife with art historical reference as it is pertinent to contemporary art. Public Image, one of Machida’s smaller, four-part compositions, entices us to enter the gallery, where we’re surrounded by roiling seas and flocculent clouds. The mural-scale paintings are multi-paneled and linked by vibrant lines that follow a spiral[…..]

DALEK: Broken, Beaten and Buried

Broken, Beaten and Buried is the title of a new site specific installation by the artist James Marshall (aka Dalek), currently on view at the Redux Contemporary Art Center in Charleston, South Carolina. The exhibition was organized by DailyServing founder and editor Seth Curcio, and was completed in its entirety over a seven day period by a team of 10 assistants led by Dalek himself.[…..]

Isaac Julien

Well known filmmaker and installation artist, Isaac Julien came to prominence in the film world with his 1989 drama-documentary Looking for Langston. By incorporating themes of sexuality and race, Julien’s work expands conventional strategies of narrative and beauty to explore stereotypical cinematic portrayals of gay and black subjects. Julien’s work addresses issues of class, sexuality, and artistic and cultural history, creating a cinematic experience that[…..]