William Speakman

2x2 projects-Pulse-Miami.jpg

This year, PULSE Miami housed some of the most advantageous work of all the fairs. Most of the galleries in PULSE didn’t stick to the strict painting or photograph on the wall, but chose work full of experimentation and exploration of ideas. One of the most poetic of these works came from 2×2 Projects out of Amsterdam. The artist, William Speakman, created a site-specific installation of LED-lighted sculptures that challenged the dimensions of the space as well as the boundaries of color and light. Too many artists rely on color and light as a method to aggressively confront the viewer, but Speakman uses his sources to attract the viewer to subtlety and beauty in the details. The objects appear to be a part of more complicated system, linked by the cords that power them and designed so intricately that they seem to use architecture and design to address the elements of space, form and light. Deservingly, this won him the honorable second place in the PULSE Prize for 2008.


William Speakman was born in the UK and received his education from the Art Academy St. Joost in the Netherlands. He was featured in Scope Basel with 2×2 Projects, in Basel Switzerland, and shown with galleries in the Netherlands such as Arti et Amicitiae and the Carl Berg Gallery.