Thomas Ruff


Currently on view at the Budapest Mucsarnok Kunsthalle is a retrospective for the German photographer, Thomas Ruff. The artist uses a wide range of imagery to explore several major developments in the art of photography, including digital image making and manipulation. Each photo is presented in a large scale format and slightly out of focus. Ruff was educated in Dusseldorf in the early 80’s , along side Andreas Gursky and Thomas Struth, and was a member of the first generation of artists who learned about photography in an academic art setting. While the artist gained initial recognition for his portraiture, he soon made major advancements in several areas of photography. The work on view at Mucsarnok spans the artist’s career, focusing on both the endless series of dissolved JPEG images as well as his portraits and other works.


Ruff was appointed by Bernd Becher to be a professor of art at the Dusseldorf Academy in 2000 and remained in the position until 2006. In 1995, the artist represented Germany at the Venice Biennale and has exhibited his work worldwide over the past 20 years.