Patch Dynamics – Six New Invasions to the Field

Lawrimore Project in Seattle is currently presenting a group show titled Patch Dynamics – Six New Invasions to the Field. The exhibition, which is jointly curated by Scott Lawrimore and Yoko Ott, has its concept rooted in the patch, a fundamental characteristic of landscape ecology theory.

Patch Dynamics-2.jpg

The pioneers of landscape ecology theory define patch as “a component within a landscape that differs in appearance or structure from its surroundings.” Similarly, the new exhibition at Lawrimore Project seeks to bring together six emerging artists from the Northwest who are either new to practicing art or new to the geographic area. Outside of those two binding characteristics, the works of Michael Simi, Justin Colt Beckman, Heide Hinrichs, Caleb Larsen, Matt Browning and Vesna Pavlovic seem rather disparate as if engaged in a schizophrenic dialogue.

Patch Dynamics-1.jpg

Topics within the exhibition range from the investigation of the male experience to metaphors of social interconnectedness. The curators and artists of the exhibition have developed a series of social activities such as artist talks, exhibition tours and film screens that seek to explore the various ideas and influences that have shaped the individual works of art as well as the exhibition as a whole.