Marian Drew


Another highlight from the Scope Art Fair in Miami this year came from the Hous Projects Gallery. This New York based gallery brought work from several interesting artists, but the clear stand out was the photographer Marian Drew. Drew uses masterfully lit scenes of bounty to slowly awaken the viewer to the horrors of human destruction. Her photographs reference Renaissance still life, with beautiful fruit and fauna paired with small cadavers of wombats, possums and marsupials found by the roadside. Her painterly photographs allow the viewer to be drawn in by the beauty of her image to be confronted by the lives of these tiny creatures, which have died at the hand of the human race.

Drew graduated from the Canberra School of Art in Australia, with a post-graduate study from the Kassel University in Germany. Since, she has worked with several prestigious galleries in Australia and the US, including the Fremantle Arts Center in Washington, the Robin Gibson Gallery in Sydney, Australia and the Dianne Tanzer Gallery in Melbourne, Australia.