Holli Schorno


Artist Holli Schorno creates collage works on paper using book clippings to construct hypothetical landscapes. The works are created out of biology and chemistry textbooks, old maps and encyclopedias, and other grade school note and work books. Despite the initial appearance of digital production, there isn’t anything digital about her work. The artist often selects her materials based on the content that appears on the strip of paper, defying the expectation that the building blocks of her collages are based on the formal concerns of color, texture and shape. This knowledge adds another layer when interpreting the work and further extends a possible dialogue.

During Pulse Miami this year, Schorno displayed a massive collage on rag paper titled Moving Houses, which stretches to fifteen feet in length. The artist’s work was shown in Miami with the New York based Pavel Zoubok Gallery. Schorno is a graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute and the University of California, Berkeley. She has completed solo exhibitions with Esso Gallery, LUXE Gallery and Pavel Zoubok, in New York City.