Craig Kucia


During Art Basel Miami Beach, Kevin Bruk Gallery presented new works along side countless well-known artists. Undeniably, the new paintings of the lesser-known Miami-based artist Craig Kucia stood out as a breath of fresh air among the others. Kucia’s large canvases radiate with color and life, offering a hyper-realist view of a fragmented narrative, one that seems to be undecipherable even to the artist. Formally, Kucia approaches the image though varying methods of paint application within a single painting, employing realistic, graphic and illusionistic handling of the paint. The works seem to act as a metaphor, with animals and objects acting as stand-ins for people and personality traits. The work may disregard academic art theory for a more intuitive and playful approach, however it doesn’t lack the potential for a greater dialogue. Kucia has simply moved towards story-telling as his main mode of communication, allowing himself to understand the greater narrative one painting at a time.

Craig Kucia received degrees in art from the Cleveland Institute of Art and Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. His has completed recent solo exhibitions at The Melvin Art Gallery of Southern College in Lakeland, Florida and the Art and Culture Center in Hollywood, California.