Rosemarie Allers

rosemarie allers.jpg

Currently on view at Galeria Thames in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood of Buenos Aires, is a solo exhibition of paintings by Rosemarie Allers, entitled es fetichista tu obra. An anomaly occurrence in the art world, the crowded opening of Allers’ exhibition, under the direction of Mabel Ibarra, resulted in an overwhelming number of red dots and discussions. This, beyond the usual consumption of wine and cheese, which was being handed out generously. Allers’ work has the power to push far beyond the role of a backdrop and demand the viewers full attention. The sensuous paintings recall Picasso in a rather overt way, but lack any sense of actual or intentional appropriation. Manic scenes of lust bleed into chaotic depictions of overlapping figures. People are more than often defined in Allers’ paintings by sketched black outlines and punches of red lips, stalkings or heels. In Hombre protegido (“Protected man”), we are invited to view an episode of passion– seemingly throwing love, lust, hate and hurt up for grabs– as androgynous female figures crowd over an indifferent looking man, crying and entangling their limbs. Informed by her protracted background in theater, Allers brings drama to her work in a very narrative manner, telling three acts worth of stories within a two dimensional plane. Es fetichista tu obra is on view at Galeria Thames through November 25th.

Rosemarie Allers was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has exhibited internationally at The National Art Gallery Palais de Glace in Buenos Aires, Argentina; The Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile; SOHO20 Gallery in New York, among many others, and is in several private and public collections throughout the world.