November, 2008


Multiverse at the Claremont Museum of Art broaches cosmic mysteries in a surprisingly accessible, relevant manner. The exhibition, which opened September 21st, includes a multi-media array of thoughtful, visually arresting explorations of what is unknown and what is observable. Kerry Tribe re-imagines the Northern Lights; Jedediah Caesar deals with material density; Sebastiaan Bremer uses photography to explore memory’s intangibility. In an email dialogue available on[…..]

Carl Baratta

In Chicago, Carl Baratta‘s latest solo show Light Up and Be Wonderful is now on view at Western Exhibitions until November 15. Carl Baratta drops the viewer into open-ended narratives, primarily landscapes, where winds swirl menacingly, plant tendrils rise up from subterranean depths, rivers bend violently and mutant figures do battle or find themselves in desperate isolation. In addition to Baratta’s paint and color handling,[…..]