November, 2008


It is a rare moment when an elusive street artist agrees to display a collection of works in the space of a white-box gallery. Stolen Land, the current exhibition at Needles & Pens Gallery in San Fransisco features the work of the infamous street-based painter Other. He is known for his spray-painted and wheat-pasted figures that appear on buildings and in train yards throughout the[…..]

Robin Rhode

South African-born artist Robin Rhode works in a variety of media, including performance, photography, sculpture and video that centers on his personal experiences as a young man growing up in Johannesburg suburbs. The artist uses and alters everyday objects that reference South African products or that embodies a personal or social connection to the artist. The artist’s newest body of work continues his interest in[…..]

Walter Kitundu

The cryptic sounds of hidden nature, wild animals, and native cultures are not only found in the numerous stacks at the Library of Congress or between the grooves of an exotica record. Artist Walter Kitundu utilizes these very sounds and ideas in his acute musical compositions. Sound artist, instrument maker, and composer, Kitundu finds a harmony between traditional musical forms, nature and sculpture. He has[…..]

As Above So Below

Can an exhibition generate a motion picture in the minds of its viewers? This question was asked to visitors of the exhibition, As Above So Below currently exhibiting at San Francisco’s Photo Epicenter gallery. A cacophony of stimulation, the exhibition features work by over twenty international and domestic artists working in various mediums. The assorted ideas found in As Above So Below are drawn from[…..]

Rosemarie Allers

Currently on view at Galeria Thames in the Palermo Hollywood neighborhood of Buenos Aires, is a solo exhibition of paintings by Rosemarie Allers, entitled es fetichista tu obra. An anomaly occurrence in the art world, the crowded opening of Allers’ exhibition, under the direction of Mabel Ibarra, resulted in an overwhelming number of red dots and discussions. This, beyond the usual consumption of wine and[…..]

Folkert de Jong

The new James Cohan Gallery in Shanghai is currently exhibiting work by Dutch sculptor Folkert de Jong. The artist’s large scale narrative installations often reference themes of war, big business, and global greed, as well as the history of art. This particular body of work takes Darwin’s “survival of the fittest” theory and applies it to competition between the nations. The new work, entitled Thousand[…..]

Shimon Okshteyn

Russian-born artist, Shimon Okshteyn, is currently presenting a series of new paintings in an exhibition with Stefan Stux Gallery in New York City. Dangerous Pleasures: New Paintings and Sculptures marks an expansion of the artist’s previous series which depicted representations of old master paintings. In Dangerous Pleasures, Okshteyn has rendered several large-scale hyper-real paintings depicting the intoxicating vices of contemporary life. Works titled, Heroin, Cocaine,[…..]