It is a rare moment when an elusive street artist agrees to display a collection of works in the space of a white-box gallery. Stolen Land, the current exhibition at Needles & Pens Gallery in San Fransisco features the work of the infamous street-based painter Other. He is known for his spray-painted and wheat-pasted figures that appear on buildings and in train yards throughout the country. Other challenges the traditional notions of graffiti and the cultural associations of street art by creating somber characters made of photo realism contrasting flat elements of abstraction.

The Canadian-born artist began to create his unique work on the streets of Toronto in the late 1980’s. Since then, he has managed to create and display his work internationally in the cities of Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, Bucharest, Fez, and Lima. Many of these works continue to travel through endless rail systems, having the opportunity to be revealed to a massive audience that would have otherwise never experienced it.