Jessica Rohrer

Jessica Rohrer.jpg

Sweeping the BQE is the title of Jessica Rohrer’s second solo exhibition with P.P.O.W Gallery in New York City. The works on view investigate the area surrounding the Brooklyn Queens Expressway, a throughway that was designed to alleviate traffic within Brooklyn and on the bridges to Manhattan. For the past seven years, Rohrer has lived within 100 ft of the BQE, and has been able to intimately document the area through the medium of painting. Using photography, memory, and observation, the artist constructs quiet images void of figures. The main subject in the paintings become cars with a highly reflective surface. This mirror-like surface serves as a tool to offer more information about the surrounding area. The paintings not only document the areas around the BQE. The works in Sweeping the BQE also serve as documentation of the artist’s own life, a theme that has been consistent through her past several bodies of work.

Rohrer is a MFA graduate of Yale University School of Art. Since graduation, the artist has completed two solo exhibitions with P.P.O.W and one with Arena in Brooklyn.