Greg Miller

Greg Miller-11-14-08.jpg

Opening this weekend at David Salow Gallery in Los Angeles will be the recent photographs of Greg Miller, in an exhibition titled Nashville. As a native to the city, Nashville recalls a sense of truth that is all to real. The artist presents everyday people in everyday scenes, however there is always an emotional element that is a askew and disrupts the narrative of the image. Technically. Miller uses a large format 8 x 10 wooden camera with a lens plane that moves independently of the film stock, resulting an a hyper crisp image.

Greg Miller is the 2008 Guggenheim Fellowship recipient, and exhibited in the show Three Generations of Nashville Photographers at The Arts Company in Nashville, TN. He received his BFA from the School of the Visual Arts in New York City and has exhibited with PowerHouse Arena in Brooklyn, NY and Yossi Milo Gallery in Manhattan.